Saturday, September 21, 2002

Attack of the retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i just had the longest conversation of my life- though it was only 41 mins it was on the stupidest topic-y i didn't just say no to a guy when he asked me to dance last night at the pep rally. i mean can you say RETARD???? maybe i should teach him---

so to add to the long convo i had an enormously long day. i had to get up at 6 to take a shower cuz i didn't get to take one last night (i got home around 12 or so and after dancing for four hours i was TIRED!) i seriously think i fell asleep in the shower-amazing.---not really but oh well. and the i had to be on the game field at 9 in the morning and i was out in the sun until about 3:30. doesn't seem long? well u try doing that in uniform while holding up a 6 pound instrument. yea i play the barritone.

need to eat---write more l8r.


Thursday, September 19, 2002

Can you say Bored to tears? I can. the highlight of my day today was coming online twenty mins ago, feeding my V-pig watering my cyber flower and coming onto here. sounds so very exciting right? right, that's what I thought. after i'm done here i'm gonna go play with my Palm-no not my hand dumb ass, my Palm Pilot, my PDA? yea ok. ne way if you do know what i'm talking about and you have ne ideas of good downloads for it IM me at xlxELFxlx

so yea guys are like dumb. my friend is like drooling all over this guy and he asks me if she has some kind of dis-order. sure-ok-right. dumbass

i have like fifty bagillion pages of math homework alone for tonight. damn

so i'm thinking that i'm not gonna do stage crew along with marching band and not do soccer this year. it would just be too much and i mean i need to sleep and eat SOMETIME right? yea i heard it as a rumor but after years of never eating or sleeping i realized that the rumor was actually fact---go figure.

ne way i'm bored and tired and hungry (yea the above statement is true) and i'm not gonna do ne of the above for OH about 4 hours. i need to go do my homework. maybe write more l8r.

buh bye all

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Weds the 18th

Ok so yea today was long. I woke up at twenty to seven and would have fallen back asleep if i didn't remember that that I had music lessons for my baritone at 7:15. so now i was running around and my mom drove me on her way to work. so i got to school 15 mins early then i realized that it wasn't tuesday-it was wednesday. oh shit, firstly i missed my lessons, and then secondly i had over and hour to kill before any one else really arrived at school. not too cool.
the highlight of my day way in History at the library the kid at the computer in the row behind me is like "oh the refresh rate on this computer is crap." and on and on and on. so i turn around and i say. "hey guess what? only about two people in this room know what you are talking about-and even those people don't care. so shut up with ur computer talk." (can you tell i don't like him?) and then the upper class men (two hott guys btw) stand up to look at me, laughing at the computer kid, and then caught up to me in the hall to talk to me. pretty cool.

unfortunitally the guy i like, who my "blabber mouth" friend told that i liked him in a very lengthy note---and now i say hi to him and he acts like he will either vomit or run. and to make myself feel better-he's just scared. just this isn't helping.

And i actually learned sumthing today-wow! but it wasn't at school, it was at stage crew. i learned that it takes FOREVER to sort out gell paper (stuff that cover the lights on stage to make different colors.) and that i'm probably gonna cry when they get mess up again. it took me and my friend Dana like TWO HOURS just to sort them all. and there were only about 30 or 40 colors. but then i had to flip them all over so the number was showing and put them in order by this little book that tells you what color is what but doesn't really help much----anyway now i'm just venting.

i think that is really all. for now ne way. tell you about tommarow---maybe it will be a bit more eventfull.